{You know you haven’t been to your blog in forevers when…

You forgot your password and get locked out of the damn thing.

A post is coming to Team KNK tomorrow. And tomorrow is my last day of work for a month! If I can get into my Crap Shack, things will be made. Oh yes, things will be made.


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{Thanksgiving crap

Go here:



That tree was a pain in the ass to make. It’s living in my office at work now and even has some leaves scattered around it. I don’t ever see myself ever attempting another one.

I ordered the new iPad mini and am stalking my email so I can stalk FedEx. I did receive the case for it on Saturday. Kind of depressing to walk by and look at an empty iPad case, but knowing it will be filled soon makes me happy.

It’s my birthday present. And will probably be my Christmas present too.

I’m not going to lie about doing better with this blog. It’s kind of like me saying I’ll keep the crap shack (craft office/chick cave, whatever…) cleaner. I got a few threats about being submitted to Hoarders again.

Creativity is not neat. So there.

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{anyone there?

I know! I suck!

Last day of my vacation and I’m playing around with felt. I made little flowers and sewed them together with buttons. I ended up with a cute, but lumpy card set.

I’m also fooling around with the 4.25″ square card. I have to make the envelopes but that’s easy.

I’m too lazy to drag out my camera so here are some iPhone pictures.







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{I made stuff


Go here and look at it. And leave it some comments please. Unless you hate it. Then lie.

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{happy birthday a latte




Yeah I suck at this blog. I do. I thought I was going to maintain it better than I’m doing.

Anyway, it’s my brother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow and he is a huge Starbucks addict. I mean huge. I mean, they know him by name and probably have his two or three time a day order ready when he comes in. I wish I could say I’m exaggerating, but I don’t think I am.

I’ll ask him tomorrow and see what he says.

So I made him a card. I tried to make it more Guy like cause most cards are so chick-orientated.


Didn’t mean to have to put a cut out coffee cup on the inside, but it is covering my gigantic ink finger print. D’oh.


Not sure why I couldn’t get it to stand up right. I got impatient and used a clip.



Here’s where I got the free file:


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{St Patrick’s Day Hat




I shared the file too, which the direct link is in my post, but really, it’s in my little box widget over there ——–>

I really like love and kudos so if you want to leave me comments and tell me how fantastic it is, I won’t complain. 🙂 🙂

But if you think it sucks, you can comment about how much it sucks here.

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{Oops 2

Not sure what happened, but there’s an error in the file and one of the pieces is the wrong size. In the decorative frame tab, there’s a rectangle that’s supposed to be 3×5.5″ and for some reason when I cut the file out a second time, it’s now 3×5. So…. you may want to re-download, as I fixed it.

Some people at work want to buy these things. I can’t publicly post a picture until my post goes up on Friday, but I’m trying to make three more of them before Valentine’s Day.


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