{Dear Bloggie

I’m sorry I’ve abandoned you. I suck. Is there anyone reading this damn thing anymore? Hello???

I just came off a one month break (and already want another one) and I did manage to fool around and make some stuff. Check it out:

I made a set of birthday cards, so if you have one, I’ll try not to suck and send one your way.


20130116-IMG_8022 20130116-IMG_8026 20130116-IMG_8027

I made that valentine box. Not to enamored with this.  20130116-IMG_8007 20130116-IMG_8009 20130116-IMG_8012

But I like the cute cards I stuck inside.

I made some Christmas tags out of my scraps. I won’t be able to find these next year when I need them, but there they are:

20130116-IMG_8016 20130116-IMG_8017 20130116-IMG_8018

I made a cute frame with the fiskars fuse. That thing is fun. I used it to make the Christmas tags too. I’m really loving the stamp and cut sets. Even though some of my snowflakes aren’t very good, it is still a fun little set.


I still don’t quite have the hang of using the embossing part of the Fiskars and that might be a little bit of my blood in the lower right hand corner from cutting my finger on the stupid framelit. The “sweet” was one of the inserts from the cards up above. Yeah, don’t want to be gluing anything that small again any time soon.

This was going to originally be my project for Team KNK this month:20130116-IMG_8020

But I put it together funky and I think it looks more like a tomato than an apple. And I hate tomatoes. I mean I HATE those things. Hate them. I shudder even thinking about tomatoes.20130116-IMG_8021


I had planned to put the “Keep Calm and Teach on Cards” in the box.

But I didn’t want to be known as the tomato box teacher. Or something stupid like that.

Can you see I have a slight fixation with kraft paper? Am LOVING that stuff!!!

Well, if you’re still reading, and even check this blog, I’ll try to do better.

Yeah, I always say that.

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7 Responses to {Dear Bloggie

  1. Kwilt says:

    You are too funny! I missed your awesome blog posts and taking a peek at what you’ve been up to! If anyone sucks at the bloggy thing its me….I need to upload pics of the scrapbook I worked on this year. I’ll get right on that Deb! LOL 🙂

  2. Sassy says:

    Yes, I read your entries!!! I have missed them!!! Thanks for sharing your “stuff”; I especially like the Valentine boxes with the little messages inside.

  3. Hello? Love your blog! Miss you. Write more.

    That is all.

  4. Amber says:

    Finally! I enjoy seeing and reading about your crafts! Love the tomato!

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