Otherwise known as, “Those-thingies-you-put-drinks-on-so-your-table-doesn’t-get-ruined”

The other night, at bunco, the hostess had picked up some of these 31 cent tiles at Lowes and had stamped on them to make coasters. I thought they were so stinkin’ cute, I went out the next day and bought some as well as the Staz on ink you need to make them:

Mine is on the left. Mini Me (12), made one and hers is on the right.

Those were the two good ones. We either (a) suck at stamping or (b) just suck because we couldn’t make them look good.

Not only that, I guess I need to buy some special cleaner because I could not clean that ink off the stamps.

So then I got to thinking (a scary thought, I know).

I just picked up a color laser printer from Amazon. It was super cheap and I was itching to try it out, so I printed out these printables from Lettering Delights:


and used that decoupage crap to stick them onto the tiles:

My favorite one, the Keep Calm and Craft on turned out the worst, but I learned it is better to sponge the glue on the back of the paper really good, then sponge glue on the tile really good and they turn out better:

If you saw my crap shack craft room, this would make total sense to you. I’m pretty sure I’m pretty close to being an episode on Hoarders.

So then I wanted to do pictures. I tried to print on tracing paper, which was as close to tissue paper as I wanted to stick through my printer and it didn’t go so well. The laser printer wrinkled the paper and the ink jet just smudged it. When I let it dry and attempted to glue it on the tile, it just looked like crap. So I printed on regular old paper again and came up with this:

I still need to glue some cork on the bottom of them, but I think they are kind of fun.

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One Response to {Coasters…

  1. Kwilt says:

    cOoL! Now I’m going to have to go and get me some tiles. sigh. it never ends does it? 😉

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