{Bride to Be


Today we had a bridal shower for a lady at work and I was put in charge of the card and the little purse because we all put in money towards… well, everyone can use money so whatever the new couple needs.

I had made the card at a card class awhile back and it seemed perfect for this (and I was way too tired last night and my brain couldn’t come up with anything new).

I had some cute wedding stamps, so that’s what I did on the inside.

I stamped the envelope with the bride and groom, just because.

I put a quilled rose on the front, cause you know I like those roses.

I forgot to take a picture of the inside but another lady at work gave me silver and purple metallic ribbon so I curled it and hid the money inside the box.

I’m up on Friday at the TeamKNK website, so I’ll post a link to it once it goes live.




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2 Responses to {Bride to Be

  1. Ruth Stevens says:

    Would love to know the name of the stamp set! I have a wedding in two weeks and LOVE the ENTIRE card!! CAn you share how you did the gold on the dress and edge? Is that foil? IF you purchased the file I would love to know where! LOL CAn you tell I want to scraplift the whole deal yet!?? Thanks Deb!
    Ruth from MTC Forum

  2. Deb M. says:

    I think it was fiskers? Not sure because it is one of those clear stamp sets and it doesn’t have a brand on it. I picked them up at the swap meet for cheap!!

    I made the card in a class and it was a gold foil sticker that I stuck onto the dress (which, since I was in a class, I had to cut that out by hand. I was grumbling the whole time: “I have 5 machines at home to do this for me.”) It was like a sheet of vinyl with all these die cut images on it. I wish I knew who it was from, but I don’t. Sorry about that. I can email the lady who had the class and ask her.

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