{Gift box for Mother-In-Law

It was my MIL’s birthday and we had a celebration lunch for her today. I asked Mr. Krapikreate if he bought her something and he said no, he’d pick up some flowers, so I made her a set of cards. She loves purple so I went to the box file I made for my Team KNK Post (http://teamknk.com/?p=4268) and made her one of the boxes. This time I made it out of two pieces of card stock and it still went together a little funny.

In the picture the top of the box looks warped or curved and it just doesn’t look like that in real life. I almost thought I had my camera on that weird setting that distorts everything.

The file for this box is in that team KNK post I referred to. Have you made the quilled flowers from Lettering Delights? I love them because they have that neat bottom piece and you just stick a dab of hot glue there and viola! you have an easy flower with a flat base that makes it easy to stick on stuff.

I wanted to fool with those butterfly cards again with a pattern so I did them this way and I’m satisfied with how they turned out. When you use a patterned paper this way it doesn’t look so busy.

I drew little faces on them with a sharpie.

Closer view.

I stamped some purple butterflies on the envelope just for a little added touch.

So last week I did a 25 mile bike ride around the bay of the city I live in. It was so fun. When I got done, I decided I needed a better bike. I had picked up a used cruiser for about $100 at a used bike store. It only had 7 speeds and was extremely heavy.

I went and got a new one and it is so nice! It wasn’t cheap, but I can pick it up with one hand, it is so light. It has 24 speeds. I’ve only had it for a week and I’ve already ridden 34 miles on it, which is a lot for me! On the old bike, I could barely do hills and couldn’t go that fast, but on this one, I am able to go faster and attack hills better.

I don’t plan to get into racing or anything, I have a little bit of weight around the belly I’d like to lose (don’t we all!) and I just want to be in better shape.

And finally, meet Chico:

Let me preface this with I-did-NOT-want-to-get-another-dog! I still have three and was not planning to go up in fur kid numbers.

But this little guy was lost and my neighbor’s mom tried to find his home and she knew he’d be perfect for our family. I allowed him to meet our other dogs, thinking they would hate him and that would be that. Well, they loved him and instantly started playing with him and brought him into the pack.

Grr. And here I was telling everyone my dogs hate all other dogs.

So we agreed to take him and she agreed to get his balls snipped. He immediately peed on the corner of my couch, so I was not happy.

But right now he’s curled up in my lap, sound asleep. He is very attached to my Mini Me (daughter) and he’s had some sort of trauma. He is scared of men and boys and he does not like your hands near his neck (to put a collar or leash on him) unless you are petting him. I think if we can get him past that, he will really be a good dog. The vet thinks he’s about two so at least he is past that chewy yucky puppy phase and hopefully he will quit marking things, such as my furniture. I was definitely NOT ready to love another dog and I still miss my Sasha girl.

But the way he has integrated himself into our family kind of tells me he needs us and we needed him too.

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2 Responses to {Gift box for Mother-In-Law

  1. Kwilt says:

    You are such a good person!!! Ü

  2. OMG! These are so awesome! I love the pattern you chose, the color, everything. My birthday is coming up, you know. Hint, hint.

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