{3-D Queen

You know I love boxes and stuff.

Jin, who is awesome, shared this box and I can’t begin to even say it or spell it so I’m just going to give you the link: http://underacherrytree.blogspot.com/2012/08/jins-patisserie-box-free-download.html

I fooled around with it and although I haven’t decorated it yet, I made one:

It’s way cool because you don’t have to glue it and it goes together really nicely. I was thinking lunch box, or something school related and thought it might be cute to make a set of mini cards to go inside.

But then I was perusing the make the cut forum and I saw this:


For less than a buck? I’m THERE.

The file cuts really nice. This one, in particular, is set up to go on a 12×24 mat and since I’m much too lazy to drag mine out, I just closed the eye balls on some pieces and moved them around so I could cut on different papers. I can’t remember if the previous files I’ve purchased from Nancy have the score lines included, but this one doesn’t. For less than a buck, I’m not complaining, I can easily draw them in myself. I know a lot of people don’t like them, but I do.

The directions are wonderful. Too bad I don’t follow them very well. I made some mistakes and had some d’oh moments, but it finally came together:


I noticed after I took the pictures there was a big gap in the side pockets and so I fixed that. You gotta make sure you glue them good, especially if you’re gonna stick stuff in them.

Here’s the back side. I loved the little buckles and cut them out on shiny silver paper. However, I goofed when putting this together, so there are buttons over them to fix my mistake.

I had some cute little buttons to put on the front.

Ha ha, then I put stuff in it and it looked like it wanted to explode. I don’t think it was a good idea to put the hand sanitizer in the pocket, even if it is a mini.

Aha! The pens in the pockets were much better. Last Saturday was teacher appreciation day at Office Depot. I hope you went. I went to three of them and got three bags of goodies. So I used some to fill the back pack. I put three pads of sticky notes and the hand sanitizer in the main compartment. You can put a gift card in the front pocket, which is super cool.

Anyway, it was fun to put together. And it helps me keep my mind off my girl:

^This is a scanned picture from when we first got her. She was so dark and had beautiful markings.

This one was taken in 2008. She loved the sun.








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One Response to {3-D Queen

  1. I love your take on the backpack file, especially the buttons over the buckles on the back! Sometimes our oopses really work out!

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