{Card crap

So thanks for those of you who read my long and rambling post about my doggie. I miss her and I keep looking for her in her usual places. My other dogs, especially Daisy, are looking for her as well.

I’ve been using my time wisely (or unwisely, depending on who you’re talking to) making card crap.


I originally tried to make these to go into my chipboard and damask box I made for my KNK project (which was going to originally be some kind of teacher/school box) and it just didn’t come together. So I went ahead and put these together and figured I’d use them for something else.

I took that skinny little pencil dude from Lettering Delights Pop School SVG set, duplicated it and broke all the pieces. I adjusted the size and since I was distorting the width by a lot I had to dump the face pieces because it was all funky. This was why I duplicated the image. I deleted everything BUT the face and sized it proportionately to the size I wanted the card. I also decided not to use the glasses so I had to use the node edit to remove the glasses outline from the shape.

If I were to make these again, I would turn the face 90 degrees and make the pencil card be horizontal rather than vertical (landscape, rather than portrait… or in teacher terms: window instead of door). This way the cards will stand on their own.

I do not like cutting that yellow paper. It has a neat texture, but every one of my cutters snags that stuff because it is so pulpy. Machines do not like extremely pulpy paper. At least mine don’t.

So I wanted to play around with the damask/black/white/red color combo some more and in my head these looked really good!

But put together, not so much. I’m wondering if I should have eliminated the black layer and make the patterned paper blacked out (no holes/design cut in it) and then instead of using white on the card, used craft. I don’t know. I may play around with it and see.

I like this one better than I like this one:

But I don’t love either one of them.

Thoughts on them? Any ideas for improvement? I keep it real here. Remember, you get the good, the bad and the ugly here at the old krap I kreate blog.

The Mister just stepped into my crap shack and said, “Oh. My. God.” and I said, “I knew you were going to say that.” and in my mind said, “Get the EFF out if you are going to make comments.” But I didn’t.

Because crafting is not a be neat-as-a-pin experience for me… In fact, I’m not sure anything is really a neat-as-a-pin experience for me.

I don’t really get the whole neat-as-a-pin saying and don’t really want to think about it.

My neighbor invited us to lunch and is making Filipino food for us. Yum. I love lumpia.

See you on the flip side… (and I want to add the rest of that line from the movie “Bridesmaids” but I’ll behave and not put it since it has bad words).






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2 Responses to {Card crap

  1. Kwilt says:

    hahahaaa….CUTE pencils! And I love the butterfly idea with the damask paper. 🙂 I printed out a digi damask paper for a layer under one of my photos on one of my layouts recently. When I went to use it for a smaller piece on the layout, it didn’t turn out so hot. So I re-scaled it in MTC so it would print out the design smaller. I liked the result. It looked more like your first butterfly. I really should take a pic and post it huh?

    btw….in no way was your last post a rambling! It’s real, and we love it! 😉

  2. I love these! Especially the butterflies. What if you tried using a hot pink or other bright color behind the damask paper? That would really make it pop.

    I’ve got to get my craft room up and going so I can make some cool stuff like this. I always get motivated when i see your cool crafts!

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