{the wheels on the bus


So today is my good friend’s birthday and we had a girl spa day. A lady came and did all of our toesies (we all picked ladybugs, even the Littles wanted them too!) and then we made some cards. I stayed up until after 11 last night cutting all this stuff out and then the three of us sat together and put them together.

My friend that drags me up the mountain and makes me exercise thought we should make some mini bus cards based on the school bus holder I posted a few days ago.

We stamped ‘school bus’ instead of cutting it out because I needed a brand new sharp blade to cut letters that small and didn’t have one.

The buses are a stretched out version of the Lettering Delights transportation set.

So when it was all said and done, we each took home a set of 10 really cute cards and had lots of girl talk time while we put them all together. Even though it was a pain to cut out the pieces for 30 cards the night before, it was worth it in the end. I thought that might be a good idea for people who are just getting into cards: someone (like me) can cut out a  pieces to put together a set of cards and then a group of people can get together and put them together. It’s a great time to chat and enjoy good food and hang out with your besties.

It’s been a great first day of vacation. Though the mobile detailing guy was supposed to come detail my car and he put me off until tomorrow. Does he not realize how dirty the Debmobile is? It’s gonna get clean inside and out.

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