{Card set for a teacher

I made this last night after my really horrible no good tummy ache finally went away (I ate some food that my stomach was not very happy with).

I’m going to a birthday party for a teacher I work with and needed a gift. She’s mentioned in the past that she loves the crap I make so I noodled around for a couple days and came up it.

I kind of wish I saved this for my team KNK project for next month, but I’m so excited about it I have to share.


That’s what it looks like overhead. I used Lettering Delights graphics, the school bus for the front and back (just did a mirror to make the back one) and then drew a box to go in the middle.

The wheels are attached with brads so they really turn.

The cards were made by doing a Pixel trace of the pop alphabet by lettering delights. I made a set of “A” cards awhile back for my son’s teacher, so I used the first letter of my friend’s last name for these cards. I ran them through the swiss dots embossing thing and used foam tape.

These don’t stand up too well so I may redraw the card with a little flat edge so they stand better.

I stamped a set of envelopes to match, though I thought later, it might have been cute to run the envelopes through the printer with some cute lettering delights graphics on them.

Anyway, there you have it.

I added on the tag as an after thought, I probably should have made some shape thing, but I am trying to get in the habit of using existing cuts in my scrap box that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Anyway, I thought these would make fun teacher appreciation gifts or other things for that teacher in your life.

I cut everything out on my Zing. I’ve never done this before, but somehow managed to break my Zing mat. I was bending it a little bit to get a stubborn cut off it and it just broke. I used my favorite thing, duct tape, to fix it again and it’s working fine until I can get a new one ordered. I thought about putting my Maxx mats through it, but they are thicker and then thought maybe I should use one of the old cricrap mats, if I even have any laying around anymore.

So… kids, don’t bend your Zing mats. They don’t like it… or I just got a faulty mat that hardened up for some reason.





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