I’ve actually made a few things! Are you shocked? Me too! Last week I spent a couple days at work making invitations for the volunteer breakfast. It was kind of cool getting to do my thang… and get paid for it.

I forgot to take pictures of them though, so I will try and snag one on Monday and snap a shot of it.

For Father’s Day, I made Mr. Krapikreate a card:

Most Valuable Dad. Get it? Yeah, yeah. I had a hard time getting the baseball stitching right and still need to fool around with it some more. All I did is draw curves in MTC and then used the rhinestone feature.

I have a big set of these cards that I made when I need something quick for a birthday party. I’m not the best stamper, but you know I keep it real here:

The inside:

The envelope:

I kind of suck at buying kids gifts these days so I just give them money and find some sort of creative way to give it to them. If I really had it together, the purse and the card would have matched:

But it doesn’t. And come to think of it, the brad I used in the middle of the flower doesn’t really match either. Oh well.

So there you have it.

We had my son’s baseball party yesterday and I had made a collage with all the kids’ pictures and put a neat one of the coaches and the kids in the background. We bought a frame and a mat and had the kids sign the mat. The coaches really liked it a lot and since Mr. Krapikreate was one of the helpers this year, he got one too. I think something like that is much more personal than a plaque.

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2 Responses to {stuff…

  1. Ruth Gillis says:

    I LOVE all of these – most especially the MVD Card – we are huge BB fans, Son played College Ball – would love your file! (hint, hint!)
    And I think they all look great!! Stop being critical lady! 🙂

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