{baseball life

Even though I’m not doing a picture of the day, I will occasionally pop in here with one. Especially since I haven’t created anything.


Boy child’s team won their league championship a week ago. The final score was 12-11. It came down to a pitch. The run that would tie the score was on first base, the count was full, and a walk or a hit would bring up the other team’s best hitter.

Talk about nail biter.

But now they go on to play the other top teams from other leagues in the district. They have three games this week, which is crazy.

Last night was the first game and my boy had to pitch a majority of it. Things started out shaky: in the first inning our team only scored one run. Then when they took the field, mistakes started happening. They seemed to have the jitters or something. My boy was pitching and I could see he couldn’t settle down and concentrate so he was throwing balls instead of strikes and he overthrew the ball at first base.

Coach called a time out and he told my boy to pretend he was playing a video game. Just have fun.

And after that, they rocked. B. struck out a few players and made some fantastic fly ball catches to make some outs. One of them was a double play. He hit the ball deep into left field, earning a double. The coach’s son followed with a home run. B.’s team ended up winning. Because they had a 10 run lead, they were able to stop the game after 4 innings. So it was nice to go home early.

Tonight is game 2. As long as they go out there and do their best and have fun, it’s all good.

Meanwhile I might have an ulcer when it is done. I think I’ve been more nervous than my boy.

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2 Responses to {baseball life

  1. Kwilt says:

    Yay….you’re back! Thought you fell off the mountain!!! đŸ˜‰

    Sounds like a nail biter! As a nail tech I would tell you to get your fingers out of your mouth. lol
    What a wonderful coach. Telling him to have fun and just make believe it’s a video game. He knows how to reach his boys in a positive way! Congrats to the team!!

    Just in case we don’t hear from you again in a while, have a great summer! hahaha! Check in once in a while, we love hearing about your life! I should talk…when was my last real post on my blog!


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