{Go Padres…

I’m in my disaster of the office, trying hard to find surface space… or floor space… When I play in here, I really play. And really make a HUGE mess. It looks like a tornado flew through here.

So that’s why I’m cleaning it right now…

Uh. Not.

The original website was here:


And Andy at Make the Cut converted it into a cut file.

Because Andy rules.

If I make another one of these, I’m going to bring the logo down a bit. I think it’s too high. Might even be a little big still.

Anyway, it was kind of a nice diversion. My son’s team’s last game is hopefully on Thursday. If they win, they will be minor champs. If they lose, they will get one more shot Saturday. They’ve been exciting games to watch, much better than earlier in the season. I may pop up to the field on Tuesday to watch that game because whoever wins that will be playing my boy’s team Thursday.

Did you notice I quit doing pictures of the day? I’m amazed I lasted as long as I did. I just got tired and bored with it. I figure I’ll go back to posting pictures whenever.

By the way, my big tip of the day…

If you have a camera card go bad, don’t reformat it or anything. Download a trial version of this program:


And see if you can rescue my pictures. I had over 300 images on an 8 gig card and I know I didn’t delete them and when I went to clean the card off, all of them were gone except 40 of them. I had taken over 150 at my son’s baseball game and some of the parents had been asking for them and ALL the hummingbird pictures I’d taken with the 7D were on there, as well as some I had taken on the mountain I hike every week. Luckily some of the hummingbird shots were on my laptop, but I had only pulled off a few of them for this blog and I wanted all the rest of them if I decide to put together a book. I didn’t post the very last picture I have of Burt, it turned out blurry 😦

With this program, I was able to recover all of them but about 10. I could see thumbnails of the ones it couldn’t recover and maybe the files were just too damaged, but I was relieved that I got a majority of them.

I’m a little nervous about reformatting the card and using it again, hopefully it was just a freak thing because I’ve been using it for a couple years with no problem. I should probably replace it anyway, I think they have 16 gig ones and my Canon takes HUGE pictures when I shoot RAW (which is all the time).

Sorry I’ve sucked with this blog. I’ve been even worse with my personal one.

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