{Happy Mother’s Day

Whether you’re a mom to two-legged, four-legged, and/or angel babies, you are still a mom and should be honored today.

I finally processed some pictures from both cameras since Friday. I have a couple of Ernie. Look how dehydrated and emaciated poor Ernie was. And I don’t know if you can see how messed up his beak was. I got to hold him for a few moments before he passed.

Here’s a picture of Pamela trying to feed him, but she couldn’t even get the syringe in his beak, let alone the crop (not sure what that is, but I think that’s where the food goes):

He passed away while she was trying to help him. It was just too late. 😦

On a brighter note, here are the babies she brought with her because she was fostering another pair. They have to be fed every fifteen minutes or so:

One of them tried to fly around my kitchen for a few minutes, but he doesn’t quite know how to fly yet.

Day 16 (yesterday) of Just Burt. It was kind of a hard picture to take without his little sibling with him.

Day 17. I thought in honor of Mother’s Day, I would attempt to get a picture of Mama feeding Burt. I sat on the floor for about twenty minutes and sure enough she showed up. I only have a 200 mm. lens and I think I’m just too far away to get a super sharp shot, but you can see what I got here:

A very fat and happy Burt, which is what we want to see:

That’s all.

I’m making Mother’s Day cards for the moms and they are coming over for dinner, so I’d better get back to it instead of fooling around. I know, I procrastinated. I started reading a book on my kindle yesterday and I got so into it I didn’t do anything I was supposed to, so today I’m doing a major catch up.

In baseball news, boy child’s team ended the regular season in first place so now they are moving into the Tournament of Champions part. I kind of hate this part, but the cool thing is that my boy’s team was not so great in the beginning. In fact, I really thought this would be a long and boring season, but they have a fantastic coach and they have improved so much. It has been really neat to see boys who couldn’t catch or hit the ball become quite the player out there. My boy has been lucky he has had good coaches.  I found out this morning I’ll be spending the rest of the season in the score keeping booth, regardless of whether we are home or visitor. I don’t mind, but I’ve been talked to a couple times for cheering the boys back there (am supposed to stay quiet and I’m not so good at that).

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One Response to {Happy Mother’s Day

  1. You got some great shots! I love it when you document the hummingbird babies. We have hummingbirds that hang out at our neighbors house, but I’ve never been able to find a nest. They can get really loud when they are having a domestic distrubance. The hummingbirds, not my neighbors.

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