{just Burt

I worried that Mama had not returned to the nest and so that was me, at 7 am, sitting in the backyard in my jammies, hoping Mama was going to come back.

The dogs kept coming outside, which I figured might keep her away, so I finally went inside and sat on the floor and watched from the sliding glass door. I would not make a good bird watcher, as I couldn’t sit still and watch very well. Finally, after about twenty minutes (felt like 20 hours) she popped by, fed Burt, and disappeared again.

So he’s doing fine.


I wish we had been able to help Ernie. I’m still sad about it, but seeing Mama taking care of Burt made me feel a bit better.

I told mini me about Ernie and she was sad. I asked boy child if he wanted to know what happened and he said no. He loves animals and it would’ve been hard for him. I’m glad he was at baseball when it happened.

Although he would’ve loved seeing the baby hummingbird that tried to fly in my kitchen. I have pictures of the other pair of babies the lady was fostering and I loved watching her feed them with an eyedropper.

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