{Days 12-15

Well, this story isn’t going to have a happy ending, unfortunately. I’m really upset because I wish I could help in some way, but I think this is one of those cases where nature is going to take it’s course.

Ernie has always kind of been a little on the slow- grow side, but in these next few pictures, you will see the difference getting bigger.

Day 12: It’s hard to see, but Ernie seems to have some of the nest caught in his mouth. I don’t want to interfere, so I leave it alone, but I really want to pull that out of his mouth.

You can really see the stuff all over his beak here:

Day 13: Look at the size difference between the two. Burt is filling out, has his eyes open and is active and Ernie is on his side, sleeping.

Day 14: Burt is looking right at me. Wants to launch a poo, but luckily I’m in front of him, rather than behind. Ernie’s beak is so full of hair and crap from the nest that I can’t help but wonder if he’s getting food.

Day 15 (today):

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I went out with a pair of tweezers and carefully removed the crap from his mouth. His beak doesn’t seem to be developing right. This one’s a little blurry.

Just checked on them. The sun is shining on the nest so it’s hard to get a clean shot. Ernie is rocking his head all over, trying to open his mouth to get food.

Look how long his neck is and it looks like he is not getting enough food, which is what I suspected. I guess I will google Project Wildlife and see if he is in need of some intervention or if it’s too late.

I get attached to these little guys. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a book from this one. I guess it’s the chance you take when you start documenting these things, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.

Edit: I called Project Wildlife. I don’t want to disturb the nest since Burt is doing fine, so they are going to call me back. Hopefully they are able to send someone out who can help our Ernie boy out. They probably need to be quick though, I don’t feel like he has much time if someone doesn’t intervene.

Edit Part 2: The lady called and she is coming in an hour! Wow! But it’s not looking good. She thinks he has a blockage. But I feel better knowing I tried to do something to help him.

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