{Day 11

Hello, Burt and Ernie. I see you’ve turned around in the nest:

And look! Burt opened his eyes:

Ernie has to get with the show here. He’s kind of the runt hummer. I know he’s almost a day younger than Burt, but he doesn’t do much. I actually look to see that he’s breathing because he just lays there.

My boy has baseball practice tonight so I’m going to put my bike on the back of the car and go ride around a bit. Why do I put this here? So you can yell at me if I don’t. I can’t remember if I put it here, but I signed up to do a 25 mile thing in August. I haven’t done more than 8, so I sort of need to practice so someone doesn’t have to come rescue me off the trail. Yesterday when I rode I could feel my endurance building up, I’m not getting AS tired as I did before and I think doing those quick rides when I was off work helped, so I need to get back to doing a couple of those a week. Plus if I lose these pesky 10-15 pounds hanging around my middle while I’m at it, I’ll be a happy Deb.

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