{Day 2 and 3…

Bert and Ernie are sleeping through their Day 2 photo. I think they are pretty much like human babies (except for the crying): eat, sleep and poop. Even though nothing much is happening (nor will happen for a week or so), it is cool to see how they are getting some fluff on their backs and their beaks have already grown a bit.  By the time they are a week old, the nest will look way too small to hold them both.

This is Mama on Day 3. She has been pretty tolerant of me taking pictures of her spawns. I took this with the G12. I haven’t even been trying to use the big camera because I can’t get as close to the babies as I can with the little one. I think it is still doing a pretty decent job (in my humble non professional photographic opinion).

Here is their Day 3 portrait. They have turned in the nest. They still look like shriveled up raisins. With “hair.”

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2 Responses to {Day 2 and 3…

  1. I love these baby pictures. It’s amazing to me how ugly these babies are at birth and how beautiful they will grow to be.

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