{Pic Spam Post Part I

Am I boring you with all these pictures? I brought my G12 up the mountain with me today and decided next week I’m bringing the big guy. I have a hard time getting good nature shots with the little guy. I know it can be done, it’s user error for sure, not camera error.

I’m not real thrilled with these. They are just kind of meh. I know I can do better. I need to practice with that camera more. I pretty much keep it in program mode and then adjust the exposure level as I want it, but I need to take more control with it. It shoots in different modes (AV, which I usually use and manual) and just need to stop being lazy and do it. I use that camera as my go-to-get-a-shot-quick camera.

Looks pretty much the same as it does all the other times, doesn’t it? I processed it a little different just for variety.

Here’s Mama:

I think I got a little sharper on that, don’t you? Can you believe I took that at 1/3200 speed and it still blurs the wings. Those are fast little buggers.

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