{am not a fan of beer

Yet here I am at a brewery. I was a good sport and tried them all.


I just don’t have the taste for it I guess.


The lightest one was the only one I could tolerate because it reminds me of Corona and every once in awhile I’ll drink those.

And there’s a dog in here. Like Spuds McKensie


Oops the picture is sideways. Oh well.

I fixed it. Didn’t want you to think I was drunk from the sampler.


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2 Responses to {am not a fan of beer

  1. Um, not to be picky, but that’s not a Spuds MacKenzie dog.

    Just sayin’.

    • Deb M. says:

      Heyyyaaa. I said it was “like” a Spuds MacKensie dog, meaning a beer dog mascot. I have no idea what breed Spuds was.

      Now I will probably google it though because it will bother me.

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