{why I hate Allen wrenches part 1

As you know, yesterday I walked into a store with the intentions of buying my part for a donation basket. I walked out of there with new furnishings for our patio room. All had to be put together. Which I did. By myself. I’m pretty sure I have Allen wrench imprints on my fingers.

Here is the glider and little wicker coffee table. I’d show you the table and 4 chairs but they are still covered in crap. I got a bee in a dark place to wash the windows in here (they were nasty) and wash the curtains. Which shrunk. Whoops.


Forgot to mention… My little shopping spree apparently raised the hackles on the fraud protection on my credit card. The mister had to verify the amount. I was kinda hoping he wouldn’t find out until the statement came. Busted.

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One Response to {why I hate Allen wrenches part 1

  1. That looks so pretty! I’m impressed. I didn’t get the decorating gene. It was probably off at the mall with the shopping gene when my genes were handed out.

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