{I’m published

Well as published as I’ll ever be. I was working on a Shutterfly book awhile back and it came today:


This is how I do photo albums. I have about 10 of these now and they are such an easy way to organize and print your pictures.


I usually design the pages myself in Photoshop and upload each image to Shutterfly. In this case I had to use Shutterfly’s layouts, which I hated doing, but when they send you a free code, it doesn’t come with a lot of notice. I still spent $30 because it turned out to be 50 pages and you only get 20 free. For the price, I like the quality.

And look how cute my punks were! I know I’m going against my not posting their mugs on this site rule, but the photos are from 2003. They look a lot different now. 🙂

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