{the Lego store!!

I hate shopping malls. I’m at one. I don’t like to walk around and look at stuff. I am probably the only girl I know who hates to buy clothes. I like the Apple store (which of course we went to. The new iPad is rad. There really is a screen difference from the 2 to the 3 but I’m still not biting. What I have is working fine.)

So we went to the Lego store. I wanted to take pictures of the back wall because it had Legos separated by color (like the M&M store) but there were too many people.

Anyway the Lego store is to my Boy like the Apple store is to me.


My brother liked it too. He bought a Lego clock.

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2 Responses to {the Lego store!!

  1. The shopping gene obviously skipped our generation since I feel the same way about shopping. Kudos for resisting the new iPad. You are so mature these days. 🙂

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