{Sea World

The punks and I went to Sea World today. We went on Journey to Atlantis (roller coaster) twice and I was all happy because I didn’t get wet.

Then we watched the Pet Rules show where I’m constantly reminded what a trained, well-behaved pet is like. They even train pigs. And kangaroos.

Then the girl talked us into going on the ship-wrecked rapids ride. Where I got soaked. It’s one thing to have wet socks. But to have wet underwear is where I draw the limit.

I had promised the boy a trip to Target so off we went, all with soaking wet backsides. Even my hair was drenched. That will teach me to laugh at the people who spent $15 for one of those rain cover-ups that cost a couple bucks at Target.


The mister came back today from his motorcycle trip to Laughlin. I had the jacuzzi ready for him (considering I don’t cook and I’m not the best housekeeper, I should do something domestic for the guy, right?) but now he’s sound asleep.

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