{free to be you and me


Before you make fun of me because that song is on my iPod:

1. This song used to be played at nap time when I was in Preschool. I have few memories of that age, but lying down on my blanket and listening to that song is one of them. And Elvis. Why the two were put together I have no idea.

2. Could be the reason why I am so weird.

3. I’m tired of taking pictures of flowers. And dogs. And food. I don’t put my punks’ mugs here as it is a public blog. I have a private one for that stuff. It’s more boring than this one.

4. It kind of signifies the beginning of my great love of music. I tried to impart that love into my children, but they only listen to crap. (so aged myself with that sentence). Their music ends up on my iPad and iPhone thanks to that feature I formerly loved that syncs all of our devices.

5. In my little bubble it is cool to crank this song and sing in the car as loud as possible (beats Sexyback, which I had going on yesterday.

Meh. Picture sure picks up that dirty iPod case. Niiiiccceee.

Okay. That’s all. Carry on world.

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