{today’s rain is brought to you

By ME!!

It never fails. I take the Dmobile to get washed, it rains within the week. And it’s always at least 48 hours after I have it washed because then I can’t get it rewashed free.

So you’re welcome. Or I’m sorry. Whichever you prefer.

Today’s pictures of the day are brought to you by my 12 year old Mini Me:


She took that yesterday. I love it!


I told her to take a picture of the rain. We tried to get a picture of me driving through a big puddle (I live for driving through puddles and making that water rooster tail. Yeah I’m immature) but it didn’t come out.

She came home and took a picture of a wet flower and then ran some weird filters on it. She loves that app Instagram as much as I do.


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