{Just the word, bird

I have a rubber stamp that says “What’s the word, bird” But it’s kind of lame and I like the idea of manipulating fonts to make digital stamps and then doing a print and cut on the card. So I took Nancy Kubo’s Lettering Delights Bird and made another shape card:

I really like the idea of the shape of the image sticking out of the top like I did last week:

I glued the letters on in brown card stock. Again, way to go camera picking up my glue smudges. It seemed like the card had a little too much white space, so I ended up cutting little strips of the patterned paper to give it a little bit of accent and so the text didn’t look so lost in the card.

The only problem is I forgot to double check the dimensions of the card and it won’t fit in a standard envelope as it is 6″ high, instead of the required 5 1/2.

I’m getting ready to go help my friend, who is a professional photographer, on a photo shoot downtown. It sounds fun and then we are going to the spaghetti factory for dinner afterwards. I’ll just be the gopher, carrying strobes and the light meter, but I sure learn a lot when I’m with him, so it’s more than worth it. While I definitely wouldn’t call my pictures professional by any means, I’ve really learned a lot about photography and design in the past few years working with him. I like to call myself a MWAC. (Mom with a camera).

Which got me in trouble yesterday at the baseball field. The photographer didn’t like that I was taking pictures from 6 feet behind him. I totally understand, but I paid for the pictures and I like to take my own and I didn’t use a flash or anything, but apparently the clicking of my camera distracted him. I wanted to tell him to consider another profession and after the fourth time of him reminding me how I was bothering him I was getting ready to do so.


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3 Responses to {Just the word, bird

  1. Kwilt says:

    Very nice card Deb! I love the pattern paper you used, and the strips balance out the card quite nicely too. 🙂
    Oh yeah…you know I love your stick-it-to-itiveness…hehehe. He should be glad that it was just the clicking of your camera he heard behind him…you could have been screaming “HEY BATTER, BATTER, BATTER”!

    *hey, btw, is it just my laptop, or when you scroll down to the bottom of your screen, there’s a tiny little smiley face sittin’ in the middle of the page??? I thought at first I had to wash the grime off my laptop again! LOL

  2. Ruth Gillis says:

    I really like this card! Great paper choice too!

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