{Little love notes details…

The original plan was to make a set of 9 cards with a cute little box.

I had too many people I wanted to give them to so I had to downsize my idea a bit.

Here are all the different cards that went into the box.


I used Lettering Delights Love Notes and the box came from the dentist set. I really have to start writing down the specific sets I use, it gets annoying when I say, the dentist set.

The heart was from the Silhouette Store and I print and cut the black text and then stamped some pink and red hearts on it (just so I could justify that I own 2 million stamps and don’t hardly use them).

I also notice my camera lens was dirty because every picture appears to have a finger print of some sort in the same spot. Oh well, I keep it real around here.

By the way, I did the boxes and the card bases with my KNK Maxx and once I sent the file to it and kept repeating the job, I had the Silhouette Cameo doing the print and cut pieces and the background colors. I had both machines “running” off MTC at the same time. Since the Maxx was doing the same job, it didn’t need to be connected to the computer any more. That repeat button is one of my favorite features on that machine.

I’m also embarrassed to admit I forgot how to do print and cuts with MTC. I remember how to do it in Sil Studio so I did them there, but I have to go read up on how to do it again because I would prefer to do it in MTC. You can’t have MTC and Sil Studio open at the same time if you want to send something to the Silhouette, so I shut down Sil Studio while I was doing the MTC part.

Are your eyes rolling to the back of your head yet? Yeah, mine too.

Off to go ride my bike with my punks for a bit.

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One Response to {Little love notes details…

  1. Becki says:

    Super cute! I did a print n cut last month for the second time in my history and it took me a few hours to remember too. LOL

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