{I have a question…


You create a piece of software that is far superior to the original company’s creation.

You provide a forum to assist people in using the software with their machine.

You get sued for copyright infringement.

You REMOVE the offending file.

You tell people on your forum you will no longer sell the software with that certain machine support.

Your moderators and other members of the forum tell people they will not help you distribute the file that enables it to work.

People come on with their sob stories all the time

A few people told people how the file could be obtained, but it was removed from the message board.

However, and this is KEY… the message board still supported pre-existing c. owners.

So my question (didn’t you wonder by now if I was going to get to it?) is this? As a forum owner, are you responsible if members of that forum post things that you are not allowed to do? The members did not have a lawsuit against them, only the owners of Make the Cut, LLC. Not ONCE did they ever tell how it could be done.

However, the owners did register with the copyright agency. They are protected under OCILLA (title 17 sec. 512) (I don’t even really know what that is, so if I sound all smart and stuff, bonus!). They are not liable for anything someone posts to the gallery, forum etc. If they find a copyrighted image they are required to report it to the designated agent and include documentation. Then the owners of MTC are notified and have to remove the image/offending content. If they refuse, THEN they can be held liable.

So this all could have been averted with a simple complaint to the copyright agency. The MTC owners would have complied and this would be over.

Sometimes I just want to go Office Space on my C machine (I’m afraid to say its name or I might get in trouble for using it unlawfully).




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