{Maxx and his new clothes

On the Make the Cut website today, there was this thread about making a dust cover:


I was like, I can soooo do that!!

Even though I seriously suck at sewing.

Here’s nakey Maxx:

Yep. My mat is nasty. This is a well used mat, my friends.

And yep, that spatula is from that company-that-shall-not-be-named. I’ve got to get a different brand one. Just because.

Maxx lives in the corner of my office by a window and I can’t roll him out because there’s too much CRAP underneath him… actually, it’s a bunch of rolls of vinyl. So excuse the sun glare. I tried closing the curtains, but it didn’t help. The afternoon sun hits my front windows like you wouldn’t believe.

Here’s Maxx with his clothes on upside down.


Oh that’s better.

I’ll try to take a picture when the sun is on the other side of the house.

A sewer I am not. I didn’t have black thread, so you can see my crooked lines. I swear I’m not drunk, though my stitches say otherwise.

I also don’t have much patience to make sure things are straight and nice looking. I decided I don’t care. It’s a dust cover. It’s just gonna get dirty.

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2 Responses to {Maxx and his new clothes

  1. Kwilt says:

    Oh girl, you are such a riot!!!! 🙂 “Yep. My mat is nasty. This is a well used mat, my friends.” hahaha…I just want to be in the same room when you create! I see things getting tossed around, glue boogers flying, and paper snibbles hanging off of that ole mat!
    And when I read that you were not a sewer….well I had to laugh because I read it as “sewer”…the other definition for the same spelling! LOL
    Great job on Maxx’s jammies!!! He looks laid back and relaxed…all he needs is a Corona!

  2. Deb M. says:

    That’s pretty much what happens in here. I’ve been told my office will make a good episode of Hoarders.

    You’re right! Maxx needs a beer!

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