{valentine’s day grams

At school we have our student council sell v-grams for 50 cents to help raise money for field trips and stuff. I always get commandeered to help (like I mind) so I try to create things easy so I put my embosser and lettering delights graphics to work and I have some cute cards to sell. I don’t use my machines since the cards are made of construction paper but that’s okay.



Cute eh?

On another note, the district announced the class sizes are going to be raised to 31:1 for k-3 and 34.6:1 for 4-6. (I would like to see a .6 kid in a classroom, that could be interesting) and this is why I don’t think I want to go back to the classroom. Luckily it looks like our school is going to vote to maintain my position (I’m an extra) so I’ll be doing this again next year, which is good. I love my job and plan to do it as long as it’s available.

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