{I am so easily amused

Do you shop at Lettering Delights?

I sooo didn’t know you could do this and now that I know, look out! Click on the “try me now” button and type the text you want:

You save the transparent .png to your computer and you don’t have to open all the individual letters to make a heading. I’m just far too lazy to open them all and size them all. But when you can do it like this, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Now there is no excuse for me not to change my bloggie clothes because you have insta-logo.

That’s just frickin’ cool. I also used the tiles to make my new background. I just recolored them in Photoshop to match the header and uploaded.

You all probably knew how to do this already, so I’ll wear the L on my forehead with pride. loo-hooo-seeerrrrr.

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