This, my friends, is what happens when I’m allowed to go to IKEA on my own.

If I can get my jacked back better I will be embarking on these projects. Or I’ll beg the mister to do them.

But most likely, I will do them. I just need that power drill. I rock with that. I think I need to buy some screws though. Why doesn’t this crap come with them?

Things I learned about Ikea:

1. Must be the rockin’ place to go for breakfast. Place was crowded!

2. If you’re single, cute guys hang out at Ikea. However, they don’t speak English (which might not be a bad thing) and I’d have to question their job situation being at Ikea at 11 am on a weekday. Though they could be teachers or work nights.

3. The self check out is a pain in the ass. The little zapper thing wouldn’t read my bar codes. I was beginning to wonder if maybe my things were supposed to be free. I was muttering a few choice bad words when I was done.

4. I was all fired up to do these projects and now I’m pretty sure I’m ready for a nap.

5. I couldn’t help but wonder if Alexander Skarsgard comes to Ikea when he comes to our hood just so he can feel at home in Sweden.

6. That’s if he comes to the hood. Why not? It’s a cool place to be.


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