{Node Editing in MTC

I’m not going to lie. I really, really, really like the node editing in KNK Studio. I learned how to use it and feel like I’m quite proficient in it. So when MTC introduced node editing in one of the recent upgrades, I tried it and got frustrated with it and went back to what I knew.

So when I heard Andy did a demo of using node mode, I made myself sit down and watch it.

It is about 1:35 into this webinar:


The best part of the demo was Andy showing MTC running in a Mac without an emulator like VMWare and Parallels. It does use a program called WINE, but Andy has managed to make it easy for you to get through some of the mumbo jumbo to make it work. I fiddled with it for a long time about a year ago and I could never get it to work.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

The key things I took from the demo were to turn off snap to grid and make sure auto smoothing is unchecked. Then I found I had control over moving lines and deleting nodes. Things weren’t flying all over the place.

This is a really neat free font on the internet called Regal. For some reason (and this is probably why it’s free), when the creator made the letter O, he made it a Q. So the homework was to use node editing and turn the Q into an O.

So that’s what I did:

It’s not perfect. I still have some areas to work on. Node editing is tedious work, but as you get the hang of it, it goes much faster.

So, I highly suggest you watch the tutorial and then give it a go.


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