{Organized my paper scraps…

I really should have taken a picture of the before. Just imagine a 12×12 plastic box overflowing with paper. I think the stack was a good 9 inches high, because I couldn’t even close the hinged lid that was on it.

So, after realizing I was grabbing new pieces of paper to cut small things rather than using my scraps, I decided some organization was in order. I have this old beat up wooden shelf divider that I used to have at school, so I brought it home and organized all my 8 1/2 x 11 paper by color. Then I decided to go ahead and stick the scraps in there too, with hopes that I will USE them instead of letting them pile up.

Phone picture:

(You know, this iPhone is supposed to take good pictures, but I still think the indoor quality of the pictures sucks)

I need to take some goo-gone to the scraped off tags on the shelves and maybe make some cute tags to identify which color in case I can’t tell by looking at it.

You know, written sarcasm just isn’t the same as when I’m saying it out loud.


How do you organize the paper scrap monster box?

And finally, what size of paper do you deem to small to save? I kept a lot of the small scraps of patterned paper because I can use them as accents or something, but I couldn’t justify keeping the real small scraps of the cheap Michaels paper (which I keep swearing to myself I’m never going to buy again!) I’m so spoiled by the Worldwin paper. I love that stuff.

Well, whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it’s a good one!! Two of my dogs allowed me to torture them (in their opinion) and take pictures with them:

That’s Duke. Isn’t he cute? I think so.

This is his sister Bella.

I tried to take pictures of the two other dogs (Sasha and Daisy), but they hid from me. And seeing that Sasha is 14 1/2 years old, I try not to mess with the old girl too much.

I promise to try to do better with this blog. I suck at New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m really going to try!

“See you” next year!!

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One Response to {Organized my paper scraps…

  1. amber says:

    ha! ha! I just recycled some scraps away today that I thought I could use again…but geez they pile up! lovely work!

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