{Team KNK is still down…

😦 😦

So much for posting on my birthday. I’m going to have to rewrite that part. No worries. I will eventually get to show you the mess, I mean project, I made. I’m actually quite proud of it. When I look at it from far, far away, ha ha ha.

My birthday was pretty mellow. I think I stayed in my pjs until about 2 and then I eventually may have got dressed. The fam bought me… get this, air freshener. If I tell you why I got this, you may not read me ever again because I’ve grossed you out.

My other half isn’t the most decent smelling person and I have a bionic nose. I don’t know what it is about certain foods… or maybe it’s just the air, but when that man gets… well you know. It stinks. So he bought me air freshener because I’m sick of him stinking up the room. I about threw it at him because what he really should have bought was a big ole package of BEANO.

Enough of my personal life. Really, if that’s the worst complaint I have of the guy, I need to keep him around, right?

I decided I would have to take birthday matters into my own hands yesterday and I have boy child’s laptop to thank for it. It broke. So the other half got my old laptop, boy child got his old laptop and I got a new one.

It’s a Macbook Pro 13″  It is pretty speedy.

It has this feature where you can migrate from one computer to the next. At first it told me it would take 57 hours, but then I hooked up the firewire cable and it did it in less than three. It was amazing, all my programs, files, EVERYTHING. It even knows all my passwords (which is good because I don’t know them).

Meanwhile, I’m teaching my other half how to use a mac and somedays it is hard to believe he is an engineer who does this elaborate stuff at work.

Hopefully if the site is back up I can get my project posted soon.


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