{Halloween and Lettering Delights

Last night I got home from work and it was raining, so I lit a fire in the fire place and had some hot chocolate. It was so yummy. I think Fall is my favorite “season” (I put that in quotes because in SoCal, we don’t really have seasons).

Anyway, I have been dying to play since I purchased the Lettering Delights Teacher Subscription. I have access to EV-ER-Y-THING! For a year, that is. But I’ve still been downloading like crazy so I get to keep everything after the year is up. I have a pretty good feeling that if they offered it again, I would renew because I was spending about $11 a month on them anyway.

So I busted out my printer and my machine. I used the Sillywet this time, just because it had the USB plugged in (aren’t I lazy?)

I used a bunch of graphic files from Lettering Delights. I used best witches pennants, trick or treat kids and gravestones.

After I cut them out, I ran them through my Xyron to laminate them and some of the tombstones turned out messed up, but I figured it adds to the ambience of the project… Just go with it because I’m too lazy to redo them, plus I could hear my printer slurping ink like it was juice so I wasn’t going to trash them.

That’s the Halloween pennant. I thought it would look a little bigger on the wall than it did.

Excuse all the push pins and thumb tacks. I don’t like stapling into my background paper (the yellow) because then I have to replace it and that’s kind of pain in the a$$ to do. I’d like to eventually paint my bulletin boards so I can eliminate the whole need for paper, or put material up, but I’ve been saying that for a couple years now.

It was fun to get into the groove again. I miss making stuff.

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1 Response to {Halloween and Lettering Delights

  1. Super cute! You are so danged creative!

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