{I hate Design Studio…

The software engineer who created it should be fired… or should talk to Andy from Make the Cut to find out what good software really is.

It takes the stupid program a good five minutes to open. Really? It takes THAT long to load all those fonts? That I can’t even use if I don’t own the cartridges?

While it was loading, I saw this for a long time and actually read it:

So apparently I’m not allowed to use their little cricut logo without their permission. When I first read it, I thought it said I wasn’t allowed to use their graphics without permission. Can you imagine how many emails they would get in a day? “Dear Cricut, would it be okay if I use your panda image from Create a Critter in a card? Okay, thanks.”

I guess that’s what I get for staring at that opening screen for so long.

So that would be the first reason why I hate Design Studio. It takes for frickin’ ever to open. I know, I know, I can take out all those font things so it doesn’t take so long, but I know they like to dangle those carrots in front of us: “Look at the cartridge you CAN’T use if you don’t OWN it.”

So then I get it open and I’m faced with this simple screen:

Seems pretty easy, right?

I stick a graphic on the page… hmm, let’s see….

You get those little anchor symbols where you can resize, stretch or move your graphic… so you get it how you want it, and then you want to make those anchors go away. Please tell me what the magic trick is because I click on them or outside the mat, inside the mat, even up my nose and those damn things won’t go away! Or they won’t come back when you want them too. I’ve found the only way to get it to work is to start over. It isn’t rocket science. The program is not handling high resolution graphics, only vector images. It should not hang the way it does if you make it do more than one thing at a time.

Make sure your fill color is black and select the little preview eye.

Take a screen shot of it.

Open MTC and import the screen shot with a pixel trace:

It doesn’t get better than that folks. It is a HECK of a trace. If you have some areas to clean up, which sometimes you do, export the image as a .pdf and open it in your favorite vector drawing program. I use KNK studio myself. I clean up the image there and then copy and paste it back into MTC.

Niiiicceee, eh?

Now, before you talk to me about how this is stealing: a) I own that cartridge.

If Provo Craft would develop a piece of software that worked, I would use it. Even the gypsy is clunky and hard to work. I want to be able to manipulate my images to make them into my own creation.

b) I’m not selling it

c) I’m not giving the image away

d) I don’t want to be limited to the Expression to cut out my files. The Silhouette and the KNK will do a far better job.

Which is the bottom line. I want to be able to use those images that I paid for with another cutter.

So sue me.

I shouldn’t say that, they probably will.

It’s up to the individual to be honest and just trace owned cartridges. I do respect copyright, which is why I will only be using these images for my own personal use and the cartridges I own.

But I will say this: MTC has that vector trace down to an exact science. I’ve even traced some pretty low-resolution images and got a good result.

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2 Responses to {I hate Design Studio…

  1. Kwilt says:

    LOL…you crack me up, but nailed it! And what about those wonderful pictures on the virtual keyboard??? You have to memorize which dot is what image….or we all have to wear thick magnifying glasses to see what the heck they are! Hello Mr. Magoo! What brilliant bulb decided to do that, and what idiot gave it the go ahead??

    They all need to be fired.

  2. M A Nelson says:

    Hee Hee! I have moved on, myself, but I got your post in my inbox ’cause I subscribe. MTC, Adobe PS and PSE and Corel. All great software. Internet; creative fisherman’s delight in finding images. Use the software as needed, find the image you want. Intellectual property is slippery; art and creativity FEEDS off each other. To those who think they can tell others EXACTLY what they can do with THEIR “idea” can skitter off to their corner and whine that it’s “not fair.” Meanwhile others are doing what’s WORTHwhile with their art AND others’ creations. If creativity does not cycle, it’s dead. Cut away, sisters – it’s YOUR ideas and Your equipment.
    Peace and All, M
    p.s. that trace DOES rock, eh?

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