{Owl pillow and KNK Studio and MTC…

My neighbor decorated her baby’s room with this cute owl theme and this was the pillow. I took a picture of it and brought it into Photoshop and removed the background.

I also upped the contrast and brightened it knowing the trace would be hard, if not near impossible.

It turns out I could not get a good trace because it picked up the texture of the material. So I used the image in KNK Studio and traced it using the pen tool.

The beauty of KNK Studio is you can just strategically place points around your image, convert the image to polyarc and then start tugging the segment lines until you get them where you want them. It really is a powerful program. I know a lot of people are afraid to take this software on, but it is so worth taking the time to learn it because between it, MTC and Photoshop, the things you’ll be able to do are endless.

One of my favorite features of the new MTC upgrade is you can copy and paste from KNK Studio. I used to have to export out as .pdf and then reimport into MTC. Pain. In. The. Buttinsky.

With a couple of quick key strokes, you can copy your image into MTC with ease. With a couple more, you can copy each color to its own page. I know people use the layers and then use the eye to open and close them, but it is so much easier for me just to put everything on its own page.

Here he is in his 12 inches of glory. My neighbor wants a vinyl image for her wall, but I need to order those colors of vinyl to match. My other option is to cut it out as a stencil and she can use paint for it. I think that’s what I would do to make sure she gets the colors exactly how she wants. I know vinyl comes in a million colors now, but this would be an easy one to paint.

Another simple idea is to mount the owl, branch and his name on a 12×12 piece of paper and then frame it. It would be an easy decoration for a baby’s room.

I think I’m going to make a set of cards using him. If I do, I’ll post the MTC file here in case you want to make some yourself.

Hey, guess what?? I made him. And I stuck the file over in my box.net widget on the right side. It’s called Ally_owl.mtc.

He doesn’t exactly sit straight up when you stand him up, but a little snip with your scissors will fix that.

I hate that you can see all my glue smudges in the pictures. The card doesn’t look as bad as the picture makes it look. Guess I could photoshop it… but nah. Keeping it real here.

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3 Responses to {Owl pillow and KNK Studio and MTC…

  1. Kwilt says:

    From a picture of a pillow to vinyl, stencil, scrapbook page, wall hanging and a card…you amaze me!

  2. Kathi says:

    That is so awesome! It’s perfect!

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