{Birthday card…

Or should I say, “beer-day” card…. I guess I could have put Happy Beerday.

Maybe then I’d like this one better. I don’t know why I don’t like it, the idea seemed pretty cool in my head. I’m worried it’s too florally for a dude, but I’ve decided it’s done and is going.

I’m hoping I’m just being too critical. If I’m not and it really is ugly, it’s okay if you say so. I won’t be offended. I used the beer glass from the drinks “cut its” shapes from Lettering Delights. I copied it and blacked out the image, then duplicated it again, flipped it and welded it into a card. To make the inner blue liner, I just put a shadow layer on it and clicked inset. I used that Tahiti beach stack paper from DCWV. I love that set.

The twine is mine! It was exciting to use my very own hand-made twine. I didn’t think I would like it being kind of stiff from the glue but it made it sooooo easy to thread that button, that I like it better that way.

I made the happy birthday out of Arial Black. I took each letter and twisted it a little bit and then overlapped them so I could weld them. I like things to be easy, so that helped.

I over-exposed the pictures a little bit. Oh well. You get the idea.

Dear Mojo, please come back and give me good ideas again… or make me more accepting of my not so good ones.

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One Response to {Birthday card…

  1. Joan Simmons aka ouizee or ouizee47 says:

    ADORABLE! Great job!

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