{Kyoto Kuties Part II

This is the Fiskars stamp set that I used for the background of the Kyoto Kutie card from yesterday. I scanned it into Photoshop (but you could probably use the basic paint program on your computer to do the same thing). Then I chose the paintbrush and a color of pink and started painting the flowers. Like MTC, Photoshop has layers so I created a new layer so I wouldn’t mess up the original file. And if I did (which I did), I could easily erase my mistakes. Since this stamp had open path images (a lot of the flowers don’t have closed lines, there was no way to select the petals and just fill them. So I had to color them. I couldn’t imagine doing that with a mouse. I wouldn’t have wrists left. So I used my little trusty Bamboo Wacom tablet to do the coloring and it was like coloring on paper. Only I could print as many copies of it as I want when I’m done.

Alright. I’ll admit I was having a little bit too much fun with this Ink2Go app which lets me annotate right onto my screen and then save it. I wanted you to see the different layers that went into this image. I hope it doesn’t sound complicated. Just think of having 5 different pieces of transparency paper stacked on top of each other and there are different things on each layer. When you put it all together, you get this image. Kinda cool eh? Just say yes and I’ll move on.

I was able to fit 4 of these to a sheet so I printed out enough to make 12 cards, because that’s how many of these things I have.

There’s my little panda bear with a colored background instead of using those markers. That was fun for 1 card, but to make a set of them that way? No thanks…

You can lighten and darken the pink or even change the color in Photoshop. That’s the beauty of digital: how easy it is to change something.

These were the flowers when they were darker and before I added that texture overlay on to them. They are pretty, but they look flat without texture and with the images on top, I was worried about it being too busy. It’s probably just depends on your taste, but I like the background images to be subtle.

That’s what I stamped on the inside along the right edge of the card. It’s a top folding card again, so that’s why I did it that way. Plus I liked the way it looked.

I have an oops on that card, but I’m sure you see it. I decided I didn’t care. It’s homemade, it isn’t perfect.

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