{Kyoto Kutie…

I went to Jin’s blog and got these and got to work cutting these suckers out. I made all 4 cuties, plus a couple pandas, the birds and maybe the fireflies too. I attempted the tree, but it looked like crap.

I spent a few hours piecing all the pieces together (note to self: the hands are supposed to be ivory, not pink, so pretend she’s wearing mittens).

I had a Fiskars stamp set that was still in the packaging (do you have those as well?) and so I tore that baby open and stamped the background with cherry blossoms. I attempted to emboss them so they’d have a little lift and then colored them with a couple of copic markers.


I don’t know how to glue things so they don’t look like shite:

Yes, those are glue boogers in her eye. Pretend like she’s sleepy. I may dig in there with a toothpick to get that out. I may not.

I decided to have the cards open top down, just to be different and to confuse the bejesus out of people.

I haven’t done anything to the inside yet and I still have 11 more cards to make if I want this to be a matching set. Chances are I won’t do that coloring again. I’m thinking I’ll scan the stamp in and make some sort of print and cut out of it. Much easier.

So I put all of the clutter I could find around the house into boxes and moved it all into my office. I figured if the rest of the house is clean, one room can be messy, amiright?

But now I’m thinking I really should go through those boxes as there are probably important papers or bills or something I need to take care of.

Especially since payday is in a couple days. This is my favorite paycheck. I’m home for the month, yet I still get paid. cha-ching. Actually it’s just a matter of them spreading my 10 month pay into 12 months, but I don’t look it at that way. To me, it’s a bonus.

I like it. I like it ALOT (said in my best Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber voice.)

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