I finally got the chance to test drive the update to Make the Cut.

Can I just say, “WOW?”


You can choose your Lettering Delight graphics right from the program. Lazy people like me LOVE this feature. I used the Hawaii SVG set.

Make the cut now has a feature where you can draw dashed lines, so I could have done this rather than doing it by hand. I sort of decided at the last minute I wanted to do it.

One of my other favorite features is opening .knk files in KNK Studio and copying and pasting INTO MTC. I tried to see if it goes the other way and it doesn’t, but I’m not worried. I have tons of KNK files so I don’t have to export them out and import them in to MTC anymore. Shaazaaam

The new graphic import/pixel trace is pretty sweet as well.

All and all, I’m very impressed…

The only negative I have is for the first time I was running MTC under Parallels/Windows 7 and MTC slowed to a crawl. I don’t know what happened, but I spent a lot of time looking at the spinning frisbee (It’s like the Windows sand timer thingie). Eventually the whole system just crashed. I was really bummed because Parallels/Win 7 seems so much more stable than VMWare/Vista.

I still don’t know what happened, but the good news is it completely recovered itself, where in the past, if that happened in VMWare, I was toast. I either had to revert back to a previously saved “snapshot” (if I remembered to take one) or I had to reinstall everything, which is a pain in the butt.

I haven’t tried Maxx out on Parallels yet, but I’m assuming of the SIL worked, Maxx will too. I’ll probably fire him up some time during the day and make sure it works.

Finally, I leave you with something that has nothing to do with this post:

I have a picture of my kids when they were little and they were playing hide and go seek at the park. They went under a play structure and only stuck their heads under there. You could still see their backs and their feet. I think they assumed that just because I couldn’t see their heads, I couldn’t see them. I wonder if Daisy (the white one) is following the same concept here. The only thing under the bed is her head. Weirdo. I give my dogs my old pillows to use as dog beds. I’m on the eternal search for the perfect pillow, so they have a lot of them. Much cheaper than dog beds (recycled!) and you can easily throw them in the washer, which this one needs…

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