{My first Team KNK post

Did you see it??? Did ya? Did ya?

I had to be quiet on announcing it because it was for a contest at work and some of the peeps I work with read my blog (when they are tired and can’t sleep). My blog is perfect for everyone’s insomnia except my own.

Anyway, it was posted last Friday, so you can check it out:






So the day before the last day of school we had an end of the year celebration.

Here are the other buckets:

This was the “filled with lots of summer stuff one”

This was the “A night to remember” bucket. I was itching to cut that out in vinyl and stick that on the side of this one.

This was the movie bucket. It had a movie, popcorn, drinks, and candy.

This was the Margarita bucket. I ALMOST chose this one, but Tequila and me are not a good match. In fact, I am the most stupid with Tequila. And the most hungover too. That stuff just does not agree with me.

Supposedly this one was filled with things for women. Someone asked, “Did it include tampons?” Ewww. We have male members on our staff that may not have appreciated that one.

I almost picked this one as well. Just because it said “Fiesta and Siesta” I think it had tequila too. Teachers KNOW how to party. You should have seen our white elephant drink exchange. I want you to know I ALMOST won a bottle of watermelon vodka and some kind of rum, but no, one of those punks I work with STOLE it. I’m still pouting. Except I remembered that I have a full bottle of malibu rum here that I was going to bring, but decided it should stay home. With me.

I’m not a raging alcoholic, I promise. It will probably take me the next year to get through said bottle of rum.

Another beach one. Cute, right?

Staycation bucket! I could have picked this one as it will probably be what we do this summer. ’tis okay. We have a pool (and the rum!) Don’t need much else.

This one my friends is called the chocolate lovers bucket. Whoa nellieeee. It has some damn good chocolate in it too. I should know because this is the one I won.

The way it worked was each team created a bucket. My team’s was this one:

I made all the vinyl and print and cut stuff for it and the rest of my team supplied the gift cards and one team member burned the edges of some coupons and tied them up to look like treasure maps. We put Starbucks, Target and McDonald’s gift cards in there (we had a $25 limit). Then we each got a raffle ticket. We could buy more if we wanted (I didn’t) and get this, mine was the first one drawn. So I had first pick and I picked the chocolate lover’s basket.

It was a lot of fun. I hope we do it again next year.

A taquero came and made our lunches (quesadillas, carne asada and other delish stuff that I can neither spell or name).

Here we are waiting in line to feast.

The chips and salsa table.

It was a great way to end the year. I’m trying hard to keep my kids out of my chocolate lover’s bucket and am not succeeding well. I’m going to have to hide it.



















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One Response to {My first Team KNK post

  1. I love seeing all those cute buckets! And yours, of course, was the BEST!!!

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