{I picked a winner!!!

First of all, I need a blog that NUMBERS the comments.

Because cutting them into strips SUCKED.

I discovered I needed to make sure the post date was with the name because there are quite a few of you named Lynn or Barb or Deb. Actually I don’t think there were any Debs! What’s with THAT??

I pulled out my trusty zoo bucket. When the spawns were little we went to the zoo a lot and their lunches came in these things. I must have a million of them. But they are cute, so I keep them.

I stuck all the strips of names in there. I had to shrink them down otherwise I would have had to cut up 18 pages of comments. No thanks.

I hate taking pictures indoors at night. They look like crapola.

I know, I know, you want me to shut up and get to it.

Drum rolllllllllll pleeeaaasseee…

I used the brand new spanking beta upgrade to make this… typing more than one line of text is soooo easy now!

Congrats Maureen who posted at 1:55 in the morning on June 25th…. Could you be an insomniac like me?? I’ll be contacting you so I can get your information so I can pay for your very own registration code to MTC!!

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2 Responses to {I picked a winner!!!

  1. Denise Allen says:

    Thank you for your very generous gesture. I am sure Maureen will really appreciate it!

  2. Glad it all is finally over, well, at least for us. Ann still has some waiting left. Thanks for the giveaway and CONGRATS to Maureen!

    Happy Card Encouragement Factory

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