{From a Snow Leopard to a Lion….

rawrrrrrr. The new Mac OS just released.

You have the option to make your computer look like an iPad or iPhone, or you can just leave it the regular way. I don’t see myself using that feature a whole lot, but there you have it.

It took forever to download…. but the cool thing is I only had to download it once for both computers. And $30 for an upgrade is not too shabby.

It took even longer to install. It had the little bar saying it had 4 minutes to go so I was watching it and then all the sudden the bar dropped back and it had 26 minutes to go.

I like the autosave feature.

The new mail isn’t so new to me, because it looks like my iPad mail.

The thing I’m struggling with is the touch pad features. You used to be able to use two fingers and swipe them down to scroll a page. Now you swipe them UP for the page to go DOWN and you swipe DOWN to go UP. It’s screwing me up. If there’s a feature somewhere to change that back, I’m going to because I keep doing it wrong and it’s annoying me.

I just did it wrong again.

So my initial impression is that I like it. I really love how Apple has eliminated the need for DVDs or CDs. You just download from their site, like when you buy an iPhone or iPad app. I did notice that they are selling Angry Birds for the computer. Believe me, I’m considering making the buy….

Oh yes.

So I started a post last night telling you to go to the Team KNK site to see my post and I started downloading Lion in the middle of it and never got my pictures processed. I will try to do it tonight (as they are on the other computer). You can also go to the Team KNK website (linkie in the side bar) and go see my Pirate Booty Bucket. It soooooo ruled.

I ended up winning a chocolate lovers bucket and I’ll show you a picture of it as well. My punks ended up eating a lot of the chocolate…. I knew I should have hidden that thing.

Well thirty-five more minutes and I am officially on summer break for a month. I’m not going to lie. Teachers need the break just as much as students. Of course, I’ll be returning to do over 500 CELDT tests in September, but it’s not so bad. I have an awesome crew that helps me get it done (you get a whopping five weeks to get it done and 200 of them have to be done one on one and it takes about 45 minutes for each one). I’m not going to do the math on that, but you get the idea of the amount of time it takes. Plus we have to score them on site before we send them off in October. It’s a pretty big job, but it will be my 3rd year doing it, so it isn’t so bad.

Hopefully the MTC update will be out in the next few days. I have not forgotten that I’m buying someone a copy of it. Unfortunately WordPress does not number comments like Blogger does, so I’m going to print them all out, cut them into individual strips, stick them all in a hat and will have one of my punks pick a winner. Seems fair, no?

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