{Happy Monday!!

Any True Blood watchers out there??

I’m going to dish so if you haven’t watched last night’s epi, you may want to bypass my spoilers.

He called her Snookie instead of Sookie. I was cracking up at that.

She’s washing his feet and he laughs and says, “I’m ticklish.”

He wasn’t expecting that fang-on I guess.

He eats her fairy godmother (sooo glad. The fairies just weren’t doing it for me) and she says, “Eric! You ate my fairy God Mother!”
And he looks up at her and says, “Sorry.”

The rest of it was kinda bleh for me. The werepanther story is stupid. They need to bring back Steve and Sarah Newlin because that was hilarious.

Tara is just boring me. So is Sam. So is Sam’s brother. So is Arlene and her demon baby.

Don’t hate me, but I’m enjoying the Bill as Queen story. Anyone else think of Southpark and “You will respect my AUTHORITAIII!”

Or is it just me?

Finally, I’m leaving you with a sneaky peeky of something I’m working on:

My sneaky peeks suck, don’t they? All you can see is my dirty pinch rollers on my machine and my mat that needs to be desperately replaced.

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