{Happy Birthday America!

After spending about 6 hours in the pool, we decided to traipse down to the lake and watch the fireworks. We parked in a local neighborhood and walked through some side path and then down some rocky road through some bushes in the dark. A couple years before we had snuck onto the golf course and they turned the sprinklers on, so I guess I can’t complain.

Note to self:

1. Do not wear flip flops.

2. Do not sit down where you can’t see.

3. You’ll get stickers in your butt.

4. Bring a flashlight.

5. Then you might not get stickers in your butt.

I’m pretty sure I sat in some sort of cactus type plant. We had the most awesome view. I kicked myself for bringing my telephoto lens because I didn’t need it. I really wanted to get some nice wide angle shots of the lake and the fireworks shooting up, but I couldn’t.

Still, I got some neat ones:

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