{Happy 4th of July weekend!!

It’s been a mellow, relaxing day. In other words, lazy. I ignored the piles of laundry that need to be done… though I did load and run the dishwasher. That was probably the extent of what I did that was work-related.

Instead, I hung out by the pool with the spawns and their friends. I read a book on my iPad (it sucked). I listened to girl child BUTCHER a song. Dear Girl Child, it is not “Juicebox hero.” We asked her if she knew what a jukebox was and she didn’t. That explained a lot. I watched her learn how to dive and had a “conversation” with Mr. Krap about why she probably shouldn’t be doing that in a pool that is only 5  1/2 feet deep. In his defense, he taught her how to jump out and not go straight down, but still, I’m a mom and I’ve heard the horror stories so I tried to act all cool about it while inside I was freaking out.

I finally finished these stupid 3-d letters. I got a burr in my butt that I was going to make something for 4th of July. Even if I didn’t finish until 4th of July 2012, I was determined. Luckily I am finished. Actually it is just a matter of me not wanting to look at the anymore.
These letters are 6″ tall and about an inch and a half or so wide. They don’t quite fit in my “mini studio” but I really don’t care about that. Well, maybe I do a little.

Excuse my language, but that “S” was a dumb  effin son of a beeaayyttch to make. I inked the edges to hide some of the mistakes. The flag is strategically placed to hide the worst one.

Mr. Maxx did a pretty good job cutting the flag. Those stars are eency beency and the only reason they are a little rough is because my mat desperately needs to be redone and that paper I used is shite. I don’t know what kind of luck you have with that Michael’s cheap brand paper, but I have the worst time with it and am not going to use it any more.

Stampin’ Up folks probably recognize that flag. I scanned the stamped image in and traced it in KNK Studio. It did a pretty darn good job if I do say so myself. I was going to color it and do a print and cut with it, but decided to do it this way instead. I wish I could share the file with you, but the Stampin’ Up folks might not be too happy with me. It can easily be drawn with some rectangles and stars though.

May I never EVER make another one of those stupid rosettes as long as I live.

It was a big PITA to cut out and fold and then it took me forever to finally figure out it is much easier to put two of them together rather than just make it from one. I’ll bet there are directions somewhere that tell me I’m supposed to do that, so it’s my own fault I couldn’t make it work right. And then it occurred to me I should have used white thread, but the button was kind of a last minute idea and I decided I didn’t care that the thread was red and the button is as well.

Aww, crap, I can see the front part is coming off the U. I’m just going to go blast that thing with glue.

Somehow I managed to crash stupid VMWare and Vista AGAIN. Whenever I plugged my machine in the USB, the screen would start going crazy. The mouse pointer would start jumping all over the place and opening and closing windows and files. It was kind of funny to watch it go crazy for a few moments… well until it crashed the whole program. I knew it was a matter of the cutter trying to use the same Com port as something else, but it took me forever and quite a few bad words to figure out the problem.

Hey! I won a blog award! I have to go read the blog I won it from again to figure out what I’m supposed to do.  I suffer from C.R.S. (can’t remember sh….you know the rest) so I forget things a lot.

I’m going to go now. The Mr. brought me home a piece of red velvet cake from Fresh and Easy. There is a saying in our house that goes, “you snooze, you lose” and I am not missing out on my favoritest cake evah!






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4 Responses to {Happy 4th of July weekend!!

  1. You did a great job on those letters. Much better than mine! Also, when you bringing that red velvet cake to my house?!?!?!

    Happy Card Encouragement Factory

  2. Tina says:

    They look great to me!!! Nice job!

  3. Tina says:

    Great job!! They look super!

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