{This one is for the dogs…

I just looked down and two out of my four dogs are sleeping at my feet. They often do that.

This would be Daisy. Otherwise known as Marshmallow or FAT DOG. We don’t call her weight-challenged or big-boned. This dog is fat. And doesn’t look too happy that I interrupted her nap. She was snoring. I was nudging her like I have to do Mr. KrapIKreate. He snores too.

This is Sasha. She just turned 14. I got her from one of my students many moons ago. She was 10 months old, not potty trained and covered in fleas. She was deathly afraid of men and children. She has come around. She’s slowing down a lot and doesn’t see to well anymore. I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t have her strong sense of smell anymore since she is mere inches from Marshmallow’s butt. And Marshmallow’s feet are in her face. Poor Sash. She puts up with a lot around here. She’s been a good dog. And I know my dogs need their toenails cut. It’s not fun for any of us.

I went to a card class last night. I made this one:

I used that clear stuff for the inner tube:

I hope you can see it. Say yes so I can move on. Let me tell you how annoyed I get cutting shit out by hand. I grumble the whole time about my three machines I have at home that can easily do it for me. Much better too.

This one is my favorite! I want to make a background like this to use with one of my machines, but it was a memory maker die cut I believe. We ran the bottom sheet through a xyron and stuck the die cut on it, then dipped it in glitter. I’ll have to do some more of these because I love it.

I underexposed this just a bit so hopefully you can see the glitter detail.

This one was my least favorite. In fact, I don’t really like it at all. For one, I had to cut that stupid little bee out. But I like the idea of embossing a stamp and then painting it like I did the flower. Actually, to be honest, I just rubbed an ink pad all over it because I was lazy and wanted to go home by then.

This one was kind of neat. We embossed clear on the paper and then colored in the images of the birds. It was one of those reverse images stamps.

Can you see the embossing texture?

This is what was on the inside when you opened up the little card on the big card. I think I would almost like it better on its own as a little card.

Oh yeah. I did say this post was for the dogs. Actually, it was originally supposed to be about the cards I made last night, but the dogs were there begging me to photograph them. I did miss two of them. Bella was hiding somewhere, which is Bella-speak for “I got into something and don’t want you to find out what I did yet.” But here is her little brother, Duke:

“Yo quiero Taco Bell.” Remember those commercials? Yeah, well, my dog is cuter.

I think he is letting me know he is bored and has had enough. Either that or he blinked when I took the picture.

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2 Responses to {This one is for the dogs…

  1. Tina Fen says:

    Bah! Cute puppies! We hate trimming toenails too. We have to muzzle Zander because he loses all self control during that process, and all of Zelda’s nails are black so we do like millimeters at a time and it takes forever.
    Also, my favorite card is the one with the two bluebirds sitting on the blade of grass đŸ™‚

  2. Awww, your dogs are so cute! I posted a few pics of my Great Dane too! Hilde’s nails are like velociraptors! BTW, I have an award for you! Pick it up here http://happycardfactory.blogspot.com/2011/07/woohoo-i-won-award.html

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