{M is for…

So someone enabled me to buy these 3-d letters at svgcuts.com (*cough cough BECKI cough cough **) http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/16857/new-set-at-svgcuts-get-it-for-free-link-fixed#Item_29(which I actually got free because I bought two other things) and I had a chance to play.

Let me back track a bit.

Me and the Mister are officially hooked on Dexter and a disk came today (we are on Season 4 and I’m fully creeped out, mmmkkkkkaaayy?) and so we watched a few and then we took a break and since he snuck off to play with his motorcycle, I am in my crap room making stuff.

I cut the crap out of my thumb putting a new blade in Mad Maxx today so be careful when you are doing that. The blade went right through the protective covering. I bled like I was going to need stitches or something. If there’s typos in this post, it is kind of hard to type with a bandaid on your thumb. I use THAT one for the space bar, so bewareofwordsrunningtogether.

I felt like you need to know these things, so go with it.

I opened up Make the Cut (after putting Mac into Windows Mode. He HATES it there, let me tell you. In Mac’s defense, I had Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Pulp Motion, Email, itunes, and safari open. When I opened up VmWare/Windows Vista, he slowed to a crawl. As superb as he is, that was way too much for the little guy to handle).

Yes, I refer to my Mac as a He like he’s a person. I know, I’m weird.

Since there was 4 files to the letter “M,” I just opened 4 pages and opened each file there.

I sent it to Maxx and spent a long time gluing, cussing, gluing and cussing some more and finally came up with this:

Don’t look too close. You’ll see how I can’t glue and line things up. Don’t get me wrong, the person who created the file made a good file. I can tell a lot of time has been put into making it work. I’m just inept so that’s why my M is not so good.

I picked papers I didn’t really like and now that I see them on the M, I kind of like them after all.

Maxx sure loved that he had a new blade. Whoa, what a difference.

I haven’t pimped out my M yet. I found 4 doggie buttons, which can represent my 4 mutts (who are on my major S.L. right now, don’t get me started on those dogs). I also found some flowers and buttons that I can decorate errrr… hide my mistakes with.

So what is M for? Why Make-the-Cut, of course!

No, not really. Well, it is, but it isn’t why I chose it. It’s the first initial of my last name. I thought about making the rest of the letters, but I think I’ve had enough of this for one evening. I don’t want to go near the “S” yet and I have one of those in my name.

There you have it. I was thinking about making some other stuff, but I’ve worn myself out.


p.s. True Blood premieres tomorrow. I don’t watch a whole lot of tv (though it seems that way) but be ready for my Eric ramblings. I love Eric. The mister knows not to talk to me while Eric is on my big tv.

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